Homeschool Natural Science Program for 12-13* Year-Olds

This lab-based course will focus on using the scientific method - we will ask questions, form hypotheses, collect data in the field, and present our findings in charts and graphs. Using the variety of outdoor environments at the Heard, we will explore topics such as water quality testing, wildlife surveys, oil spill cleanup, and animal behavior studies.

*Age of student on September 1, 2018 for the 2018-2019 academic year

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Class Schedule

Meet the Teacher: September 4, 1-2 p.m.

Class will be held two Tuesdays per month from 1-3pm:

  • Fall 2018 Semester
    • December 4 & 11
  • Spring 2019 Semester
    • January 15 & 22
    • February 12 & 19
    • March 19 & 26
    • April 9 & 16

Student Expectations

Students are expected to:

  • Follow instructions and stay on task
  • Work together and independently
  • Hike outdoors on Heard trails for part of each class
  • Keep a lab notebook 
  • Complete a 1-hour homework assignment to share with the class at the next meeting. This will involve creating charts and graphs or researching some aspect of what we are studying.


Per semester: $160/members, $180/non-members

Register for both semesters at once and save 5%.

Refund Policies

Refund cancellation dates Fall Semester: 

  • Full refund minus $10 admin fee by August 18
  • 50% refund by September 1
  • No refund after September 1

Refund cancellation dates Spring Semester:

  • Full refund minus $10 admin fee by December 15
  • 50% refund by December 29
  • No refund after December 29