These programs (unless otherwise noted) are open to the public and are free with paid general admission or Heard Museum Membership. Many of these programs will have an outside component. Please dress appropriately. These talks begin at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise listed.

January 21 - Little Prairies and How They Grow

Come learn how small “fields” are turning into little prairies with the help of some very dedicated folks. You may even get some ideas for your own for your yard or land.

February 18 - Extracting Life From a Plant

Plants are living creatures, too! They need food and water just like people. But how do plants get food? In this talk, you’ll learn how plants get their food and water. We’ll even use a microscope to help us learn.

March 18 - Your Buggy Back Yard

Come learn about the bugs you can find in your yard or at the park or in a field. Understand which ones are beneficial and how you can enhance your habitat to attract them. Are there really any bad bugs? Let us introduce you to some of the common insects and why they are important for all of us.

April 15 and May 20 - Topics TBD

June 17 - Amazing Moths

Leave a light on at night and you’re bound to be visited by moths! At first glance these nocturnal insects may seem a bit boring, but after this program, you’ll learn to look at them differently. They are diverse, gorgeous, and important! Sam Kieschnick, urban wildlife biologist for Texas parks and Wildlife, will teach you all about the nightlife of these nocturnal flyers.

July 15 - Texas Cats – Big and Small

There are a lot of different kinds of cats that call Texas home. Come and learn about them and where they live.

August 19 - Topics TBD

September 16 - Fall Wildflowers and Plants

Come walk with members of the Native Plant Society of Texas and learn about the plants that wait to bloom in the late summer and early fall. You may even be able to collect some seeds to carry home or to another garden.

October 21 and November 18 - Topics TBD

December 16 - Winter Walk

Let’s walk way back into the woods and look for the mighty trees along Wilson Creek, deer hiding in the woods or geese and ducks in the wetlands.

Looking for additional informative talks? Please see the information about our seasonal Butterfly Talks or Second Saturday Bird Walks.