These programs (unless otherwise noted) are open to the public and are free with paid general admission or Heard Museum Membership. Many of these programs will have an outside component. Please dress appropriately. These talks begin at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise listed.

June 17 - Amazing Moths

Leave a light on at night and you’re bound to be visited by moths! At first glance these nocturnal insects may seem a bit boring, but after this program, you’ll learn to look at them differently. They are diverse, gorgeous, and important! Sam Kieschnick, urban wildlife biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife, will teach you all about the nightlife of these nocturnal flyers.

July 15 - Texas Cats – Big and Small

There are a lot of different kinds of cats that call Texas home. Come and learn about them and where they live.

August 19 - The "Natural" Human Diet: 
Surprises about Plants, Evolution, and Health

Plants, including many native to Texas, have evolved an amazing array of chemical defenses to protect themselves from being eaten by herbivores.  These include toxins that physically damage the plant eaters, disrupt their metabolisms, and damage their hormone systems. Recent research has also uncovered new and surprising information about what really is a healthy diet for people.  This talk will pull together the recent botanical research with that about diet and health, and attempt to explain why many aspects of modern health (including obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases) are becoming worse instead of better.  This will be tied with the evolution of our species and the plants and plant products we eat.

George Diggs is an evolutionary biologist and botanist who has taught for more than 30 years at Austin College in Sherman, Texas.  His research interests include the plants of Texas, plant defense, evolution as it relates to human health, and biogeography.  He has co-authored four books and more than 30 scientific articles and in his research he has traveled to all seven continents. His latest books are The Hunter-Gatherer Within: Health and the Natural Human Diet (2013) and The Ferns and Lycophytes of Texas (2014).

September 16 - Fall Wildflowers and Plants

Come walk with members of the Native Plant Society of Texas and learn about the plants that wait to bloom in the late summer and early fall. You may even be able to collect some seeds to carry home or to another garden.

October 21 and November 18 - Topics TBD

December 16 - Winter Walk

Let’s walk way back into the woods and look for the mighty trees along Wilson Creek, deer hiding in the woods or geese and ducks in the wetlands.

Looking for additional informative talks? Please see the information about our seasonal Butterfly Talks or Second Saturday Bird Walks.