These programs (unless otherwise noted) are open to the public and are free with paid general admission or Heard Museum Membership. Many of these programs will have an outside component. Please dress appropriately. Click here to preregister (required).

July 16 - What Lives in your Backyard – Arthropod Types

In this talk, Mike Merchant, an entomologist with Texas Agri-Life will help you learn about the many types of arthropods that may be found in North Texas backyards.

August 20 - Ichthyology (Big Word for Little Fish)

Did you ever catch or see a fish that you couldn’t identify?  In this talk, Mike Petrick, TPWD retiree and Heard volunteer will help you learn to identify the common fish of our area. You can also see a fish dissected and learn to recognize cast spinning, spin casting and fly fishing equipment.

We will look at the physical characteristics that allow you to identify confusing as well as the more common fish that you might encounter.  We will learn the external and internal parts of a fish and see what its last meal consisted of. And we will learn how to cast several types of fishing gear (weather permitting).

September 17 - What is That Flower?

In this talk, volunteers from the Native Plant Society of Texas Collin County Chapter will help you learn about the parts of various flowers. Then, you’ll go on one of the Heard’s trail to identify the plants that are blooming in the fall.  Be sure to wear long trousers, closed shoes and bug spray. Guests are welcome to bring cameras and note pads.

November 19 - Bird Banding

Did you know that the Heard operates a bird banding station on the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary that monitors the flow of migrant songbirds during spring and fall migration each year? The station was established in 1978 and is the oldest bird banding station in the state of Texas. In this talk, members of the bird banding group at the Heard will introduce you to how the program operates and how the data collected is used to help scientists better understand population statuses and more.

December 17 - Winter Tree Walk

In the winter, when many plants have lost their leaves, it may seem impossible to identify trees; however, during this hike, you will learn about some of the ways you can identify plants without their foliage.