Animals of the World is an exhibit that emphasizes the importance of animals in nature. The Heard currently provides a home to non-releasable native and non-native animals in exhibits that teach people about animals and the pertinent role they have in nature worldwide.

The Heard Natural Science Museum does not collect animals from the wild nor does it encourage such activities by others.  Most all of the animals that live in captivity at the Heard Museum are abandoned pets or those that were illegally taken from the wild by people who quickly discovered that no wild animal makes a good pet. Many of these animals were not cared for properly and now have health or behavioral problems that make them unreleasable; they will always have to live in captivity. The Heard Museum’s mission is to inspire love and appreciation of nature in our visitors. Our hope is that these animal ambassadors will motivate our visitors to care deeply enough about the natural world to take steps to restore and preserve ecosystems here in North Texas and around the world.

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Animal Exhibit Mission Statement

The mission of the Heard Museum is to motivate visitors to care enough about the natural world to take interest in restoring and preserving the earth’s ecosystems. By utilizing wild animal “ambassadors” that emotionally connect our visitors to the places these animals live, we can inspire children and adults to take a more proactive role in conserving wild spaces.

Animal Ambassadors Include

Thank you to Albertsons at Eldorado and Medical Center Drive in McKinney,Tri-County Veterinary Clinic, and Animal Medical Center for their support of animals in this exhibit.

While our indoor exhibits are wheelchair and stroller accessible, the Heard nature trails are not currently wheelchair or walker accessible. The trails are not paved and are only accessible to running strollers (not umbrella strollers). The Heard is currently working on plans to make some of our trails accessible to our guests in wheelchairs and regular strollers. Call 972.562.5566 for details.