An Update on Mr. Fox

Mr. Fox is a senior animal and has rapidly-developed cataracts. He was seen by two optometrists who determined that he is not in any pain. Mr. Fox moves around his enclosure easily and we are watching him closely to ensure the best possible outcome for him.

Blink Eyecare ExamThe well-being of our rescued animals who live at the Heard is one of our top priorities. So, when Mr. Fox needed an eye exam, we were thrilled to welcome Dr. Kayla Gaddis and Dr. Andrew Kryder of Blink Eyecare in McKinney, Texas out to the Heard. He received a top-of-the-line exam. We are so grateful for the time and effort that the Blink Eyecare doctors donated in order to provide our animal residents with the best care possible. Thank you Blink Eyecare!