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Teachers: Improve comprehension of key Earth Science topics and raise test scores. Earth Science will come alive for your students with our hands-on, investigative, and informative programs. Each of the following topics is available for grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12. Programs run about 45 minutes and accommodate up to 30 students per session. Programs can be tailored to your specific needs.

Program descriptions: Programs are designed and facilitated by Diane Brownlee, a professional geophysicist with extensive teaching experience. These programs be customized to meet your specific needs. Additional program topics are available - from geology of rivers and watersheds to volcanoes or even meteorites. Contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your desired goal.

TEKS alignments for each program shown below.

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Society and Resources

Rocks For Breakfast

A fast-paced entertaining and surprising show-and-tell of the many ways every person uses rock products during an average day, starting with breakfast. A simple interactive lab finishes up the student centered lesson with the audience extracting dietary iron from a popular breakfast cereal. All supplies provided.  

  • 3rd: 1a,3bd, 4ab, 7d
  • 4th: 1a, 3abd, 4ab, 5ac, 6d, 7a
  • 5th: 1a, 3abd, 4ab, 5ac  
  •  6th:1a, 3ad, 4a, 5a, 6c
  •  7th: 1a, 3ad, 4a, 6a
  • 8th:1a, 2b, 3ad, 4a, 5d
Crystals and Nanotechnology

A look at the giant crystals of nature (Cave of Swords, Niaca, Mexico) and how they formed. Also touches on how people have learned to grow crystals for their own use, as well as branching out into new materials made out of crystals never seen in nature.


Plate Tectonics and Faulting*

Tie together plate tectonics, mountain building and faulting in one presentation, with many examples and pictures. Samples of the rock types that characterize different mountain types will be shown and touched. Watch on a globe how Texas has moved through time due to plate tectonics.  

  • 3rd: 2de, 3b, 7bc
  • 4th: 2d,3acd,7ac
  • 5th: 2cde, 3acd  
  • 6th: 1acd, 10acd 8th:1ab, 2abcde, 3abcd, 9ab 
Weathering and Erosion

A student centered lesson highlight examples which address the difference between weathering and erosion. Many examples are from the North Texas area. Rocks will be available for show and touch that show weathering/erosional effects.  

  • 3rd: 1a, 7ac
  • 4th: 1a,7abc
  • 5th: 7b  
  • 7th: 3b,4ab,8bc
  • 8th: 2bde,3abc, 9bc,11cd 
The Three Rock Classes & the Rock Cycle*

Introduce the concept of “reading” rock types to discover the history of the Earth. Many examples of rocks common to this area will be used to illustrate basic differences which students can observe on their own.  

  • 5th: 7ac 6th:10abcd 8th: 2bde,3cd,9c,1ab
Rock and Mineral Identification*

Students will understand how identifying common rocks and minerals allows observers to “read the landscape’ and, combined with the basics of plate tectonics, understand why Texas looks the way it does.  

  • 4th: 2ab,3acd,4a,7b
  • 5th: 2abcdf,3ad,4a,7ab
  • 6th: 2abe,3abcd,4a,7ab  
  • 7th: 2abe,3abcd,4a,8b
  • 8th: 2abe,3abcd,4a,9bc  


Texas through Time*

A student centered lesson highlights Cretaceous critters including dinosaurs plus the later Ice Age animals which have been residents of Texas. The timeline of how a fossil is discovered, uncovered, and removed to a paleo laboratory is shown. Students will see and touch some authentic representative fossils.  

  • 3rd: 3ad,9ac,10ac
  • 4th: 1a,2bdf,3acd,4a,9ab,7b,10a
  • 5th: 3ad,7ad,10d  
  • 6th: 3abd,10d,12d
  • 7th: 3abd,8a,10a,11c,12a,13a
  •  8th:3abc,11ab

Thanks to the generosity of our program sponsors, we are able to bring these programs to you for only $150/program. That’s 40% off our regular rate!

Programs are about 45 minutes in length and can accommodate up to 30 students per session. Each session is $150. Programs marked with an asterisk (*) have a separate lab session that can be booked in conjunction with the program for an additional program fee. Interested in more than 4 consecutive programs or concurrent programs? Please contact for availability & pricing.

About Diane Brownlee

Earth Science Outreach Program Facilitator Diane is a geophysicist / geologist. She began her career at the USGS Earthquake center, then she and her husband Keith worked in the oil industry for over 20 years.  When she became an Adjunct Curator of Earth Science at the Heard Museum,  she became interested in outreach to K-12 teachers and students, and began offering earth science classes. Later, at Brookhaven College, where she was Director of the Ellison Miles Geotechnology Institute, she ran a training center for professional geoscientists. Now retired, she continues to work in consulting and outreach, and enjoys “translating” geology and geophysics as practiced in industry to teachers and students.  Diane believes that teachers especially benefit from talking with an industry scientist who knows and understands the TEKS, respects and admires teachers as equals, and hopes to impart her contagious enthusiasm for earth science at all levels.

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