For your convenience, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and their answers.

Where can I locate information regarding the following?
What is the Heard’s photography policy?

See the Heard's Photography & Videography Policies

Are the Heard's nature trails wheelchair and stroller accessible?

While our indoor exhibits are wheelchair and stroller accessible, the Heard nature trails are not currently wheelchair nor walker accessible. The trails are not paved and are only accessible to running strollers (strollers with larger than average stroller wheels). Call 972.562.5566 for details.

What should I do if have a wildlife conflict or emergency (such as an injured animal)?

Check the DFW Wildlife Coalition website or call the DFW Wildlife Coalition at 972.234.9453

Where can i find answers to some common animal questions?

Visit our list of commonly asked animal questions and wildlife concerns.

Have questions about a baby animal?
How can I make a secure on-line donation?

Visit our donations page

How can I contact the Collin County Hobby Bee Keepers Association? or 972-843-8084

How can I contact the Prairie & Timbers Audubon Society? or 972.578.3146

Can we bring our dogs to walk with us?

Because we are a wildlife sanctuary, for your pets' protection, please leave them at home. Large dogs and cats can harm the animals we exist to protect and little animals might make a good meal for a larger native Texas animal.

My child is under 5 years old. What could he/she do at the Heard?

Many of our visitors are under 5. Children of all ages love to see native animals, dig for fossils in the sand pit, and we begin offering preschool nature classes as early as age 3.

Is there a problem with mosquitoes?

Insects are a normal part of any nature experience. If you bring bug spray, we ask that you apply it outside as a courtesy to those with allergies.

Are there picnic facilities?

We have 2 picnic areas. One is located on the Bluestem Trail and the other is next to our outdoor amphitheater. They are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please ask the front desk for directions. Please note that these are the only areas on the sanctuary where picnicking is allowed.

Can we explore the sanctuary acreage?

All visitors, including members, must check in at the front desk before entering the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors must stay on the designated trails both for your safety and because we exist to protect all of the native plants and animals for the next generation.