Nestled in a beautiful bottomland hardwood forest, the Heard Ropes Course offers unique opportunities to enjoy this beautiful, natural environment. High Ropes Elements require harnesses, helmets and safety ropes, all of which the Heard provides. High Ropes Elements combine the perception of risk, personal and group challenge-planning-teamwork, and the thrill of great accomplishments. High Ropes Elements typically take place about 24 feet in the air.  For these elements, one can generally plan for about 12 persons to participate per hour per element.

Power Pole

This is a partner activity in which participants climb to a platform on 24 foot pole. We use a “team belay” system to involve all group members and build teamwork. Once on top of the pole, the participant jumps off and out, reaching for a suspended trapeze. Then, the participant is lowered carefully back to the ground. This activity brings out the height of emotional, mental and physical challenge.

Giant Ladder

Here’s a real physical challenge. The five rungs of the ladder begin four feet off the ground and end at 24 feet in the air. Partners work together on the end of a team belay system to help the participant climb as high as they can! The Giant Ladder is physically demanding, but it can be especially good for athletic team building.

Multi-vine, Hourglass and 2-Line Bridge

These three elements are connected in a series, 24 feet off the ground. Participants climb up (using a team or individual belay), and walk on a cable while holding on to a series of four hanging rope “vines.” The participant then transfers to a static traveling belay, traversing on a cable and two crossed cables for a genuine challenge. After the final transfer, participants cross on a cable with another waist-high cable. This is an exciting challenge for all who want a traditional ropes course experience.


Zip Line

This exhilarating ride through a beautiful hardwood forest is tremendously popular. The Zip Line consists of single cable between two trees or poles, approximately 500 feet long, and 24 feet high. Participants begin by climbing up to the “Crow’s Nest,” and transferring to the zip tow and pulley, and then scooting off from a sitting position. The element ends at the warehouse ladder for a calm return to earth. The Zip Line is part of the 2-Line Bridge complex, one of the most highlighted elements in a high challenge course program, and is used as an exit element.

Team Wall

The task of the Team Wall is to get a whole group up and over the 12 foot wall safely. This activity is a great way to culminate the group development that was achieved through the other group initiatives. A platform near the top on the opposite side allows climbers offer assistance to each other. Genuine support, spotting, planning and communication are crucial to completing this activity successfully. Participants will develop a sense of potential for self-actualization and overcome the fear inherent with the perceived risks.