Ground Activities and Low Ropes Elements emphasize leadership and communication skills in order to facilitate group success and personal growth. These activities are designed to challenge group members to work together to accomplish a task. Groups must work together to succeed.

Ground Activities

Heard Ropes Course programs usually begin with team building “ground” activities. These activities act as fun ice-breakers, designed to establish rapport and build team skills, trust and communication. Facilitators are trained to adapt the rules and content of each game to the age group and needs of the group. The Heard works to constantly offer new ground activities. These activities consist of three parts: set-up, challenge activity, and debriefing. Each activity generally lasts about 20 minutes.

Examples of Ground Activities

  • Raccoon Circles
  • Group Juggling
  • Blindfold Trust Walk
  • Knot My Problem
  • Sunburst Ball Travel
  • Circle the Circle

Examples of greater Ground Activity challenges

  • Pipeline
  • Build a Challenge
  • Keypad
  • Birthday Log
  • Tarp Turnover
  • Chocolate River
  • Gyroscope Tank  

Low Ropes

While Low Ropes Elements do not require harnesses and belay ropes, participants are nonetheless physically challenged. These activities may take place off the ground up to approximately 30 inches. Each activity generally takes about 30 minutes.

Wild Woozy

The Wild Woozy is a set of V-Shaped cables suspended parallel to the ground. These cables are initially situated closely at the beginning and get wider as you progress through the challenge. A team of two participants must help each other to complete the task. This challenge element requires coordination, cooperation, and core strength to succeed. 

Giant’s Finger

This task sounds simple: get the ring on the 10-foot-tall finger. However, can your team do it without touching the finger? The group members must help each other to raise the ring over 10 feet in the air and then slowly lower it over the finger without any tools.

Whale Watch

A whale watch is like a large teeter totter for the whole group. The group must work together to balance the platform so neither side touches the ground. This element will take communication and patience to complete. 

Team Ski

Who says you can’t ski in Texas? The group will be divided into 2 teams. Each team must have 4 members on each set at a time and use the skis to collect items. Meanwhile, they must avoid the land mines. Participants must then return the collected items to their original places. Communication and teamwork will be used to complete this element. (Hint: make sure your team members know which foot is their left before you start!)

Space Invaders: The Trivia Game

In this element, the group will step onto a 5’x5’ platform made up of 9 sections. Each member will be handed a piece to the final puzzle. During each round, a group member will roll a dice to select which category the trivia question will come from. If the group chooses the wrong answer, a piece of the platform will be taken away. As the platform gets smaller, the group must work harder to keep everyone on the platform. If someone falls off, the group will lose that piece of the final puzzle! 

Pole Shuffle

During the Pole Shuffle, the group will be placed single file onto a curved pole. The group will then have to rearrange themselves according to the facilitator’s instructions. This must all be done without anyone touching the ground. Teamwork and coordination are necessary to complete this task.

Strategic Adventure

The Strategic Adventure requires the team to be set on 5 small mountaintop platforms with only one plank to get around. The team must transport all participants from the mountaintops to the larger islands, where they can collect another plank. The team will need the additional plant to move because of the varying spaces between platforms. Participants will also need to climb over a barrel and use the Nitro Swing to get over the final and largest space. If anyone falls during the event, they will be sent back to their original mountain top and the team must return to get them. The game isn’t over until everyone is across. Teamwork and planning will be a high priority to get the whole team to the finish line.

Spider Web

The Spider Web requires the group to get from one side of a giant, bungee cord spider web to the other without waking up the spider. There are consequences for waking the spider! The group must communicate, plan and work together and be ready to adapt as situations require.

All Aboard

All Aboard requires the group to climb on a small platform and stay there for a set time. This activity requires a great deal of planning and communication.

Swinging Log

The Swinging Log consists of a pole suspended approximately 6 inches from the ground by cables. Group members are taught to spot, use commands, and assist each other as the participant attempts to balance and walk from one end of the log to the other.