Magic Planet Homeschool classes will introduce your students to natural science in ways that are both familiar and not-so-familiar.  Just like our Tuesday programs, Magic Planet Homeschool will take advantage of the learning opportunities provided by the Heard’s wildlife sanctuary and its animal ambassadors. However, the Heard’s 4-ft interactive digital globe will put a different twist on the inside lesson portion of our class period! Spots are limited and pre-registration is required.

Offered Thursdays 1-3 p.m to children ages 6-11. 

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Our Earth – This fascinating planet that we call home is full of marvelous processes, cycles, living things and non-living things that all impact each other.  As a result of these impacts, the Earth is always changing! We’ll use the Magic Planet to explore the environmental science of the earth and take a deeper look at the changes that are always happening around us.


Our Earth and Beyond – As the Magic Planet helps us to study the sun, planets, and other objects, we’ll continually compare those objects back to the Earth, thus reviewing and deepening our knowledge of our own planet.


Fall 2019 Dates:

  • Meet the Teacher Homeschool, Tues, Sept 10, 1- 2pm
  • Semester starts: Week of Sept. 17
  • No Class Week of Nov. 26-28 for Thanksgiving
  • Semester ends: Week of Dec. 17

Spring 2020 Dates:

  • Meet the Teacher – same days of the week & times as fall – Jan. 7 – 9
  • Semester Starts – week of Jan. 14
  • Spring Break – Week of Mar. 10-12
  • Classes End – Week of Apr. 14


Per Semester: 26 Hours/13 Weeks

$210 Heard Museum Member* | $230 Non-member

Registration and Refund Policies

Please note registration is not complete until a registration form and payment have been completed and submitted for each participating child. 

Refund cancellation dates Fall Semester: 

  • Full refund minus $10 admin fee by August 18
  • 50% refund by September 1
  • No refund after September 1

Refund cancellation dates Spring Semester:

  • Full refund minus $10 admin fee by December 15
  • 50% refund by December 29
  • No refund after December 29