July 18 - September 30, 2018

The Moth Migration Project is a crowd-sourced collection of hand printed, drawn and cut paper moths founded by Hilary Lorenz. This collection will be exhibited in an installation along walls of the Heard exhibit halls. The featured moths will include species native to our region. Choosing moths, a nocturnal pollinator, as the vehicle for cross-pollination and international exchange, and using social media, Lorenz invites people to create paper moths native to their geographic location.

Would you like to join the Moth Migration Project and be included in exhibitions? You do not need to be an artist. Individuals and groups are encouraged to apply (materials due June 20). Everyone from any part of the world is welcome. To learn more about how to participate, click here.

The Moth Migration Project spans all cultures, ages, countries. It is a tool for community building in both physical and digital worlds. These moth ambassadors will also help the Heard illustrate their role in their ecosystems. To learn more about the Moth Migration Project, click here.