The Heard's sanctuary provides new and different experiences every day of the year. As you walk the nature trails you encounter numerous sights, sounds, colors, textures and patterns. You may also encounter many species of birds, insects and animals that have found refuge in the sanctuary, an oasis within the rapidly developing Collin County area.

Trail Maps

The mission of the Heard Wildlife Sanctuary is threefold:                            

  • Provide the best possible habitat for native and endemic wildlife species
  • Train future land stewards and naturalists through habitat restoration and wildlife management
  • Preserve functional examples of pre-settlement Collin County ecosystems. In part, the sanctuary exists to restore human connection to the land.

Heard nature trails are not wheelchair accessible. The trails are only accessible to jogging strollers. Our indoor exhibits, however, are wheelchair and stroller accessible. Call 972.562.5566 for details. 

Please note that all hunting and fishing is prohibited on Heard private property.  Cameras and staff monitor activity during both daytime and nighttime hours. Vehicles and trespassers are subject to video and photo identification, and trespassers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

Header image by Lauren Wensel Neyra