These programs are held on the third Saturday of each month and cover a variety of subjects. Third Saturday Nature Talks are open to the public and are free with paid general admission or Heard Museum Membership. Many of these programs will have an outside component. Please dress appropriately. These talks begin at 9:30 a.m. unless otherwise listed.

Third Saturday Nature Talk Topics

February 17* - Birding by Sound

*This program will begin at 9 a.m. (rather than the usual 9:30 a.m.)

Learn how to identify birds by their sounds. Visibility and color are not always available so learn to listen to their various calls. We will try to practice some in the field. This is a three hour workshop and will be led by by Scott Keister, Master Naturalist.

March 17 - Pocket Prairies

No ranch? No problem! Pocket prairies are for the rest of us. You may have heard our native landscape called “tallgrass prairie,” which may bring to mind the likes of Ma and Pa Ingalls hauling the girls over a vast stretch of open land. So you may think you don’t have the space to plant Texas natives. But think again! We’ll talk about how to get started planting natives for wildlife, water conservation, or just beauty—no matter how much time or space you have. Class will include plant suggestions and some sample garden designs, such as solutions for hard-to-landscape spots. This talk is also a great way to prepare for the for the Heard Spring Plant Sale in April! This program will be led by Amy Monroy.

April 17 - Box Turtles

Box turtles are a favorite for most people but their popularity is causing their endangerment.  Mr. Goble has been doing research on box turtles for some time and his insights, suggestions, and his expertise on turtle behavior will enlighten us all.  He may also give us some insight into how we can create a better environment for these animals. This program will be led by Jordan Goble, the Heard’s Living Collections Assistant Curator. 

May 19 - Reptiles

June 16 - Backpacking

Experienced backpacker/hikers will show us how to streamline our backpacking gear and some good locations to visit.  They carry food, water, shelter, sleeping bags, cookwear, clothing and extras like maps, trekking poles and binoculars.  They will demonstrate how to make much of your own gear as well.

July 21 - TBD

August 18 - TBD

September 15 - Fall Flowers 

This session will take place on the grounds of the Heard Museum as several members of the Native Plant Society of Texas, Collin County Chapter take us on a walk to identify the plants and shrubs with fall blooms.  There may be a brief introduction inside before the groups head out.

October 20 - TBD

November 17 - TBD

December 15 - Winter Tree Walk

In the winter, when many plants have lost their leaves, it may seem impossible to identify these plants; however, during this hike, you will learn about some of the ways you can identify plants without their foliage. This program will be led by David Powell, Master Naturalist Emeritus.

Looking for additional informative talks? Please see the information about our seasonal Butterfly Talks or Second Saturday Bird Walks.