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Currently Hiring

  • Ropes Course Manager
  • Ropes Course Facilitators/Belayors
  • Heard Interns (unpaid)
  • Ropes Course Manager

    Mission and Scope

    This part-time position will ensure that the ropes course programs maintain established standards for challenge course facilitation, inspection, maintenance and safety quality and reflect the mission of the Heard to bring nature and people together to discover, enjoy, experience, restore and preserve our priceless environment.

    • Education: 2 years of college required. 
    • Experience: 2-3 years experience in a closely related educational environment with minimum 1 years supervisory experience required OR an equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have had proven experience to lead, direct, and schedule staff. Must have the ability to communicate effectively with the general public, employees, management, and children and adults in a training environment. Previous experience in a similar challenge course instruction environment strongly desired. Must be comfortable working in high environments. Position may involve working days, nights, weekends, and/or holidays. 
    • Computer Experience: Must be able to use Windows and associated software applications (i.e. word processing and spreadsheet) and cloud-based software. 

    This position has the following special requirements:

    • Walking, climbing (ropes, ladders, poles) to set-up and access course elements. 
    • Standing or sitting for long periods of time (4-6 hrs) or for duration of shift
    • Instructing and managing course elements, staff and participants. 
    • Processing paperwork and operating a computer. 
    • Carrying and lifting objects, supplies and equipment up to 50lbs. 
    • Bending, Kneeling, Reaching to set-up and facilitate course elements and store / retrieve supplies. 
    • Presenting instructional and safety briefings and debriefs. 
    • This position will involve working outside walking to / from course elements and climbing course elements in various weather conditions. 
    • This position also involves working in a climate controlled office environment and building. 
    • This position deals extensively with employees and guests who interact with assigned area of responsibility.
    • This position will involve working with both children and adults.
    • Willingness to be open to learning and growing. 
    • Interpersonal skills to work as an integral part of a team. 
    • Appropriate interpersonal/personal boundaries. 
    • Maturity of judgment and behavior. 
    • Accepts full responsibility of their actions and how these may affect others 
    Professional Standards
    • Understands and follows all policies & procedures 
    • Maintains high standards for work areas and appearance. 
    • Presents self in a highly professional manner to others and understands that honesty & ethics are essential. 
    • Ensures that excellent customer service is maintained with each customer.
    • Maintains a positive attitude toward the position, the company and co-workers. 
    Teamwork Standards 
    • Takes an interest and initiative in the development of the Department’s team 
    • Maintains pleasant and professional relationship with co-workers & assists as needed 
    • Remains positive about the team and facilitates an optimistic approach to resolution of issues 
    • Maintains productive, effective and professional relationships with all departments 
    Supervisory Standards
    • Adheres to organizational policies and applicable laws 
    • Instructs, coaches and encourages staff to support by action and example the Heard’s mission 
    • Demonstrates good judgment within supervision of staff 
    • Effectively monitors staff performance and offers appropriate coaching, counseling or supervision as required 
    • Completes staff evaluations, documentation, etc., on time and effectively 
    • Serves as an effective role model to staff by demonstrating exemplary work ethic 
    • Will function as the on-site ropes course manager during the execution of any High Ropes program. 
    • Meet or exceed the standards for the safety, security and emotional welfare of participants that may normally be expected of a firm and judicious parent.
    • Ensure consistency and training integrity of all Challenge Course programs.
    • Ensure that ropes course schedules and activities optimize time, schedules, and space for all departments involved. 
    • Meet or exceed the legal, professional, and “best-practice” standards for safety and cleanliness of all facilities and equipment assigned to this position. 
    • Ensure accurate and current inventory records of materials, supplies, and equipment and ensure the Challenge Course has adequate supplies necessary to conduct daily operations.  
    • Ensure accurate and current usage and safety logs for all ropes course elements and equipment. 
    • Meet or exceed the expectations of the ropes course manager for appropriate communication, both internal and external and for the accurate and timely completion of related tasks and assignments. 
    • Systematically inspect all Challenge Course elements and equipment to ensure effective and efficient operation and safety. 
    • Promptly repair or make preparations for maintenance for any ineffective course elements or scheduling appropriate repairs through qualified outside sources. 
    • Develop and implement written safety and standard operating procedures for the operation of all course elements in a manner understandable by employees. 
    • Ensure safety standards are understood, enforced and followed by all ropes course staff. 
    • Ensure ropes course staff receives timely, relevant, and appropriate training. 
    • Ensure ropes course staff is in compliance with all policies and procedures as well as departmental guidelines. 
    • Ensure the accurate and timely completion of tasks assigned to ropes course staff 
    • Formally and regularly communicate to ropes course staff, all relevant and appropriate operational and corporate information. 
    • Ensure that the staffing schedules optimize productivity and comply with contractual obligations. 
    • Meet or exceed the expectations of the museum director for the development of departmental policies and procedures. 

    The above duties reflect the general responsibilities necessary to describe the principal work functions of the job, and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all work requirements that may be in the position. Employee is responsible for working in a safe manner and keeping his/her workplace safe.

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    Ropes Course Facilitators/ Belayers - Part-time

    Treetop Adventures @ The Heard Museum has positions available for PT Ropes Course Facilitators/ Belayers.  Previous belaying experience is required and ACCT certification is preferred but not mandatory.

    • Belaying participants
    • Setting up and breaking down of course
    • Facilitating high initiative activities as needed
    • Facilitating low initiative activities as needed
    • Knot Tying
    • Help to lead group events, parties and functions.  
    REQUIRED Belaying Experience

    The Heard Natural Science Museum offers a High and Low Elements Ropes Course located within a beautiful deciduous forest tree canopy. Our programs are uniquely created to give each participant and team an invaluable set of tools for success. We have fourteen challenging elements! To apply, click here.