Guests may not be granted entry to museum and wildlife sanctuary less than an hour before closing time. Guests must leave Heard property by closing time unless prior arrangements have been made with Heard staff.

Regular Hours


9AM - 5PM*
The Heard will open at 7:30 on the Second Saturday of the month.




*The museum closes at 5 p.m. and guests may not be granted entry after 4 p.m. Other exceptions may apply--see "special notes" section for more details.


Closed (except on special occasions if noted in the "special notes" section below).

Holiday Hours


Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's Day.


Open until 3PM

Day-before-Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve.

Special Notes

The museum will close early at 3 p.m. to the public on October 15th to prepare for Halloween at the Heard. The museum will not reopen until the special event.

Basic Heard Guidelines

For more information on Heard Attendance Tips and Visitor Guidelines, click here