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Let us bring the Heard to your classroom, organization, or group meeting! The museum offers hands-on programs designed to allow students to experience learning in an interactive way using museum resources.

Specialty Programs

Animal Ambassadors

Explore animals and their environment with live animals and natural specimens.

Birthday Parties

Enjoy animal interaction, a nature based craft, and interactive games.

Earth Science

Rock your students' world! Bring programs to your class that will make Earth Science come alive.

Event Display

Discover all about the Heard, its History and current programs with a table or booth at your event.

Scout Program

Investigate the world around you and fill requirements for badges while engaging in an interactive program.

Mobile Field Investigations

Fossils & Dinosaurs

Discover how fossils are created, their importance, dinosaur facts, and adaptations.

Natural Resources & Environmental Impact

Examine 3 types of resources, human influence, and current technology.

Water & Weather

Investigate water cycles, weather cycles, and meteorology.


Study animal and plant changes influenced by climate, food, and survival needs.

Earth Systems

Investigate the rock cycle, soil types, and their importance. Learn about how the earth changes though weathering, erosion, deposition, and natural disasters.

Life Cycle & Food Web

Explore life cycles of plants and animals while investigating the links of food webs.

Custom Program

Let us create a program to specifically fit your needs!

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